About Us

It’s a monitoring system that monitors radio, tv, OOH, press and magazines, by using high quality technologies.

  • Radio & TV: we convert all programming in acoustic footprint to identify the campaign transmission in all TV categories: Open TV, Paid TV, Local TV and Radio.
  • OOH: through tours, we identify all positions located in the principles avenues of the most important cities in the country, so we can know who is annunciating.
  • Press and magazines: we monitor the principal titles of the most important cities in the country.
  • We have IBOPE and INRA ratings or audiences information.
  • We have reference of commercial fees of all media that are being monitored.
  • We have information of all commercial locations in 23 cities of the country.


  • Campaign audit
  • Generate witnesses and supervise transmissions
  • Detect opportunities with afectations
  • Benchmark reports
  • Know which marks announce
  • Know in which cities they announce
  • Know in which media they announce
  • What do they publicity
  • Campaign temporality
  • Calculate approximately amounts of investKnow how much people you/they reach